Getting Started

May 29, 2016
by gusdelacruz
Sometime in October of 2005 I had the opportunity to visit Washington D.C for work. The CB Richard Ellis office was getting a much needed upgrade. I volunteered to help out so I would get the chance to visit such a historic city. This was taken on a Saturday/Sunday morning way too early for mere mortals. It was me, the cleaning crew, some joggers and a random hobo. I opted to start my photoblog with this one of my oldest photos I have since going digital. It was taken with a Nikon Point and Shoot. It was just me sitting on the steps with Abe at my back and the reflection of the obelisk of General Washington in the distance. It was my first taste of what it meant to take a photograph and not a snapshot. It was also my first chance to touch history. The Rev. Martin Luther King stood on these steps and gave his timeless speech that echos to this day. A more lighthearted view was that a scene from Wedding Crashers was shot here as well as Forrest Gump. All and all it was my fist step in photography and history.
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